Ultrasonic nebulizers are developed for humidification through nebulizing sterile water and can be used for aerosol therapy according to physicians‘ advice.

Hygiene First
Standard ultrasonic nebulizers are often non-sterile, posing a high risk of infection. Closed sterile water systems for the U-3003-S prevent such risks. Sterile water solution flows automatically from customized, disposable cups or drip-fed systems. Completely hygienic is also the one-of-a-kind aerosol heater which works from the outside, making extra sterilization unnecessary.

Perfect for hospitals and private practice
The U-3003-S is particularly beneficial for hospital use. It produces a very high quality mist with extremely small aerosol particles. These particles are able to reach deep into the respiratory track.

The “S-class” of nebulizers
The U-3003-S is easily adjusted with push buttons, enabling the user to select the correct mist and air mixture as well as the aerosol temperature. There are several settings available and the operating time can be adjusted from 15 to 60 minutes or can be set to permanent use. The device stores the preset information for density and airflow and starts the next session again with those stored parameters.
The use of high quality material such as stainless steel and hardned glass ensures that the U-3003-S looks like new, even after years of service.
Low filling levels in the nebulizing chamber or transducer head are alerted by an acoustical and optical signal. The intelligent „Quarz-Protect“ function protects the unit against damage in case it is accidently switched on without the appropriate liquids level. The modern micro-controlled high frequency nebulizer is an investment for the future, and is available as a table top device or with a 5-wheel stand.

Nebulization rate 0,5 – 3 ml water per minute
Aerosolspectrum 1 – 7 μm (65 %), 1 – 5 μm (45 %)*
MMAD 5,3 μm*
Frequency 1,68 MHz
Flow 1,5 – 8 liter per minute (bacteria filter)
Operation Timer 15 – 60 minutes, continuous operation
Mains voltages 230 V AC, 50 Hz
Form of operation continuous operation
Protection class I
Protection form IP 21
Warranty 24 month
* All statistics from mist/air level 3.
Subject to change without notice