Steril water system U-3003

Steril water system U-3003

U-3003 System

VZ0730 start up pac
1 nebulizing chamber, 1 bottle adapter, 1 corrugated hose – set, 1 bakteria filter, 1 sterile water bottle 1000 ml

VZ0700 nebulizing chamber
6 piece, for insertion into the transducer head

VZ0015 sterile water bottle
6 piece, for refilling the nebulizer chamber in conjunction with the bottle adapter

VZ0711 bottle adapter
6 piece, for connecting the sterile water bottle to the nebulizer chamber

VZ0606 corrugated hose – set
6 piece

VZ0610 bakteria filter
6 piece

VZ0026 coarse filter for intake air
10 piece

To change from the Respiflo or Isapak systems to the U-3003 system, you need

VZ0720 bottle holder

VZ0721 chamber holder

Steril Water System Respiflo and Isapak
The sterile water systems Respiflo from Kendall and Isapak from MPV Medical have been discontinued and are no longer available. We will be happy to advise you on converting your existing ultrasonic nebulizers to the U-3003 system.