About us

About us

More than 40 years ago, brothers Burkhard and Franz-Josef Schulte founded Schulte-Elektronik GmbH in Olsberg -Elleringhausen.

The highly motivated team aimed to use new technologies to make the world a better place. Since then, the company has been active in the electronics industry, initially focusing on developing and producing telecommunications devices.

The company’s collaboration with a university led to its expansion into medical technology, which is still being developed and produced in Olsberg.

SISS BABYCONTROL, the first respiratory monitoring device, was launched in Germany in 1990 and later on in Austria. It is now available in many countries worldwide.

SISS BABYCONTROL was one of the first devices for reliable respiratory monitoring of neonates and infants to conquer German clinics and nurseries, initially with a sensor mat and mains connection.

The further developed device is now powered exclusively by batteries and able to simultaneously monitor heart rate and respiratory activity. It is based on environmental friendly piezo technology, which enables a long-lasting continuous sensor.

In order to meet the increased demands of medicine, the devices have undergone continuous development.

Today the compact and user-friendly devices, with reliable heartbeat, respiratory and oxygen saturation monitoring  for neonates and infants are manufactured in Olsberg-Elleringhausen in accordance with the latest standards.

We are proud to be able to use the world’s leading SpO2 sensor technology from MASIMO in our medical devices.

The U-3003 ultrasonic nebulizer relieves and prevents by inhalation without the urgent need for medication!

Excellent results can be achieved using only sterile water.  The very small droplet size that is respirable, humidifies the respiratory tract.

The U-3003, is  the third generation of ultrasonic nebulizers is being developed and manufactured at our works,  as a result of continuous progress . The durable medical devices are sold both in the German market and abroad. They are very popular in hospitals  and private practice.

The new U-3003 System, developed to fit the ultrasonic nebulizers, as a support system for sterile water with bottle adaptor and nebulizing chamber completes the portfolio.

Constant monitoring, annual audits and well-trained engineers ensure consistently high quality in accordance with MDR standards.

You will regularly find our medical products at the MEDICA in Düsseldorf and  ARAB HEALTH in Dubai.