Reliable respiration and ECG Monitoring
The SISS BABYCONTROL® H monitors Respiration and heart rate of babies and infants and can thus provide reliable assistance against „Sudden Infant Death“. The latest member of the SISS BABYCONTROL® Family shows on its LCD-Display the necessary parameters and gives the user a safe Feeling.

High reliability, simple operation and convenient size make the SISS BABYCONTROL® H an universally applicable instrument for baby monitoring in hospitals or at home.

Being prepared
Still today, „Sudden Infant Death“ is an unforeseeable occurrence. 80% of the affected infants are entirely healthy beforehand. Only 20% are from so-called risk groups (former premature births or babies already suffering from life-threatening conditions or with a „Sudden Infant Death“ among close relatives). Only a prompt alarm in the event of irregularities provides the chance to apply life-saving measures within the shortest possible time. Such measures should be learned beforehand in special courses.

Easily removable MicroSD memory card
Despite its small size the SISS BABYCONTROL® H measures and stores complex procedures automatically. The MicroSD memory card can be easily removed from the device. To evaluate the stored data with the help of a functional software it can be uploaded on a PC.

With a weight of only 450 grams the monitor operates with either regular or rechargeable batteries. Optimal mobility during the monitoring is given.

Clear and easy
The graphical LCD-Display and the clearly arranged control elements allow an intiutive operation. Colered LEDs clearly show the status of the Monitor. The SISS BABYCONTROL® H gives optical and acoustical alarm depending on the Event.


Display Vital signs and Alarms via LED
ECG Connector 2/3 Disposable ECG Electrodes
Respiration Connector Special Respiration Sensor
Memory EEPROM memory 2 MB
Weight / Dimensions 450 grams / 150 x 80 x 55 mm
Power supply 4 x AA Batterie / Akku
Classification based on  MPG IIB, 93/42/ EWG
Conformity certificate CE 0197 (TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH)
technical rights reserved