Reliable respiration and heart rate monitoring
The SISS BABYCONTROL® plus monitors respiration and heart rate of babies and infants and can thus provide reliable assistance against “Sudden Infant Death”. High reliability, simple operation and convenient size make the SISS BABYCONTROL® plus a universally applicable instrument for baby monitoring in hospitals or at home.

Being prepared
Still today, “Sudden Infant Death” is an unforeseeable occurrence. 80% of the affected infants are entirely healthy beforehand. Only 20% are from so-called risk groups (former premature births or babies already suffering from life-threatening conditions or with a “Sudden Infant Death” among close relatives). Only a prompt alarm in the event of irregularities provides the chance to apply life-saving measures within the shortest possible time. Such measures should be learned beforehand in special courses.

Safety first
The respiration rate is permanently monitored by a body sensor, the heart rate by two ecg-electrodes. The SISS BABYCONTROL® plus monitor can distinguish extended respiratory intervals from regular breathing and triggers an alarm when a critical value is reached. Simultaneously the heart rate is monitored, and the monitor will cause an acoustical and visual alarm in the case of a bradycardia or tachycardia.

Simple operation
The SISS BABYCONTROL® plus monitor is the smallest of its type. Its simple and logical adjustment ensures safety for medical personnel, parents or caregivers. Simply apply the sensors and electrodes – reliable monitoring begins by the press of a button.

Intelligent Memory
The SISS BABYCONTROL® plus saves all processes to an accuracy of seconds. The memory function is always activated and records all kinds of Events like such as “On, Off, Reset, Alarms of every type”. To evaluate the stored data with the help of a functional software it can be uploaded to a PC.


Display Vital signs and Alarms via LED
Respiration Connector Special Respiration Sensor
ECG Connector 2/3 Disposable ECG electrodes
Memory EEPROM memory 2 MB
Weight / Dimensions 230 grams/152 x 80 x 29 mm
Power supply 1 x 9V Battery
Classification based on  MPG IIB, 93/42/ EWG
Conformity certificate CE 0197 (TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH)
technical rights reserved

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